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Understand our clients' situations, goals, and challenges.



Lead dynamic focus groups, probing respondents' real motivations.



Provide sharp, insightful analyses and practical recommendations, communicating them clearly in reports, presentations, and discussions.


Find the Story by the Numbers

Use statistical tools to mine the data for the insights you need.

About Us

Nancy Dodd Research (NDR) was founded in 1998. Our objective: to do great research in the setting of a small firm. So we brought together the best moderators, analysts, and statisticians we could find, and turned them loose on our clients.



NDR is expert in a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including focus groups; ethnographies; individual depth interviews (IDIs); dyads, triads and friendship pairs; online bulletin boards; and online and telephone surveys. We understand the benefits and limitations of each methodology, and will choose one or a mixture of several to best suit your objectives.



We are a general service research firm, but have expertise in several different areas. A selected client list includes clients from the following industries:

Financial Services
Consumer Goods
Not for Profit

Big picture thinking, clarity on key issues and attention to detail. NDR accomplished far more than promised, taking the time to understand our issues and needs. It is truly a pleasure to work with people who do exactly what they say they will do and do it well.
— Randy Ellison, Director of Marketing Development, NFIB
NDR delivered much more than a research study ... they actively partnered with the Boyds senior management team to understand underlying business issues, and delivered a findings report with strategic value beyond our expectations.
— Alan Antin, Boyds Collection