Each person on our team of moderators is highly experienced and enthusiastic. We connect with people of all types and ages, from children to seniors, putting respondents at ease and creating a non-judgmental environment where members of your target audience feel free to share their thoughts, experiences, reactions, and feelings.

We always make sure we fully understand our clients' objectives so that when the conversation takes an unanticipated turn that may lead to valuable insights, we are able to go with it. We do not stop at pat answers, but are driven to get below the surface of participants' responses to probe their real emotions, behaviors, and motivations.

Finally, we understand that moderating involves a balance of empathy and control. We are skilled at handling overly dominant or negative respondents who could potentially impede a productive and open discussion.


In our reports and presentations, we bring our findings to life with insightful analyses that further clients' business goals. Not believing in data for data's sake, we put our findings in a context that enables them to be of immediate practical use to the client.

Clients repeatedly tell us that our presentations are lively and engaging. We enjoy sharing our discoveries and discussing creative ideas for next steps you can take to meet your goals and improve your business.